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Throwing Rocks By Mike Donovan
Sunday, 08.01.2010, 04:38 AM

Mike Donovan has just released his first CD Throwing Rocks. Mike has been doing standup for 30 years.  Mike  is originally from South Boston, he attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He graduated from Career Academy School of Broadcasting in 1973 and was a top-40 DJ at WEKT-FM in Hammondsport NY in 1974-1975. Mike got his first stand-up comedy gig at Corning NY and became a full time stand-up comedian in 1978. Donovan is also a writer whose articles have been published in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Sports Collectors Digest. He has also worked as a reporter for Sports Illustrated, and was a radio talk show host on WTTK-FM Boston in 2008. Mike appears regularly at the Comedy Stops at the Sahara Las Vegas and the Tropicana Atlantic City.  More on Mike Donovan at

Throwing Rocks can be purchased at

YES! He is my son!

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