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Falcon's Fury Ride
Saturday, 01.31.2015, 07:08 PM

Facts & Stats


Ride Requirements

335 feet tall. 90 degree mid-air turn. 68-ton counterweight. More than 6,000 bolts.


How much do you really know about North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower – Falcon’s Fury? Take a deeper behind-the-scenes dive in to how Falcon’s Fury works, including facts, statistics and more:

105 h-piles for the foundation driven between 75’-205’ into the ground

These h-piles were fused together with a 5’ thick concrete pile cap that took 45 truckloads of concrete. A 50’x50’ hole 25’ deep was dug to install the pile cap

Parts have been shipped from Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany

A 383-foot tall crane was used to assemble the final segments of the tower

Construction started in June

The base tube is 95 tons

105 ton second tube segment (single heaviest piece)

77-ton machine house

68-ton counterweight

Four DC motors in the machine house (at the top)

32 seats separated into rows of 4 (8 rows)

Variable hold time at the top of the ride before drop (so you never know how long you’ll hang there)

Five to six second freefall time (according to the ride manufacturer)

Eddy Current Braking system (magnetic brakes)

Over 6,000 bolts to tie all of the tube segments together

Eight tube segments and one machine house

The side “wings” at each end of the seat carriage are made out of carbon fiber to help keep weight down

Ed Donovan

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