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Films Made In Florida
)Any Given Sunday (1999)
| Friday, 08.04.2017, 02:20 PM |   (29375 views)

Any Given Sunday (1999)

By Anne Waisanen

Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) raspy voice and all is the head coach of the Miami Sharks. He tries to coach the team past a losing streak and into the playoff. He is a man who has sacrificed his family for the game and must be a friend, bully and father confessor to those around him. The team’s original owner was a sports legend who had a handshake deal with D’Amato but with the death of the owner, control was passed over to his daughter Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz). She is a spoiled, tough woman who would prefer to move the team to Los Angeles to boost their value; her only loyalty is to the bottom line. Playing her martini-drinking mother is Anne Margaret as Margaret Pagniacci. They are two women who will never be accepted in a man’s game. The mother knows it but the daughter doesn’t

            The veteran quarterback Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid) is injured. He considers retirement but his wife Cindy Rooney (Lauren Holly) rebels against his decision. Rooney is replaced by a vibrant, cocky third stringer Willie Beaman (Jamie Foxx). He is so nervous, having seen two guys above him carried off the field on a stretcher that he throws up in the huddle but then he catches fire and becomes an overnight sensation.

            With the aid of offensive coordinator Nick Crozier (Aaron Eckhart) and Montezuma Monroe (Jim Brown), the team’s tough defensive coordinator, D’Amato tries to ignore Christina and lead his team to victory. Yet, with Beamen’s sudden ascension into star-status, a variety of complications set in. Beamen becomes more egotistical and less a team player, which infuriates his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Struthers (Lela Rochon) and other players such as Julian Washington (LL Cool Jr), the star running back, and Luther “Shark” Lavay (Lawrence Taylor), a player who wants to continue playing long enough to ear his bonus, even at the risk of his life. They all begin to despise Beamen.

            The complications continue to mount as the team’s orthopedist, Dr Harvey Mandrake (James woods) agrees to help Christina no matter the related potential risks to he team’s players. A point that stirs up suspicion in Dr Ollie Powers (Mathew Modine) the team internist. D’Amato must also contend with Jack Rosen (John C McGinley), a colorful sportswriter and TV anchor who blames most of the Shark’s problems on the coach.

            D’Amato tries to relieve the building pressure by hitting the bottle and enjoying the company of a young woman, Mandy (Elizabeth Berkeley), he pulls out every coaching trick he knows to keep the owner off his back, his team motivated and win enough games to take them to the playoffs.

            Plenty of real life football folks an be seen in this film such as Warren Moon, Ricky Waters, Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas featured as opposing coaches. Ex-Dallas Cowboy’s coach Barry Switzer takes a turn as a sports announcer and the writer/director himself Oliver stone has a cameo.

Oliver Stone directed the film. The screenplay was written by Josh Logan and Oliver Stone partly based on the novel written by Rob Huizenga entitled “You’re okay, it’s just a bruise: A doctor’s sideline secrets about pro football’s most outrageous team”’

Several local actors were used in the making of this film including Antoni Corone of Hollywood, Florida.

Most of the film was shot in and around Miami. The Shark Stadium, where the fictitious Miami Sharks play football in this film, is actually the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The climatic scene was shot at the Texas Stadium in Irving Texas

Anne Waisanen is the Publisher/Owner of In Focus Magazine.. She is an Alumni of Emerson College in Boston, majoring in Film and Communications. This included writing, producing, filming and acting. She is a member of WIFT, Women in Film and Television.

Anne Waisanen can be reached at:










Anne Waisanen

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