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Lori Wyman
| Monday, 05.07.2018, 01:57 AM |   (32454 views)

Lori Wyman

By Ed Donovan

Lori Wyman was born on April 19th at Mt Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father had a manufacturing business. Lori grew up about five minutes from where her office is today. She says, "When I was growing up I used to see this building and I would say, one day I am going to have an office in that building."

            At the age of seven Lori began studying classical piano and competed in recording competitions, winning several local and national awards. She also acted in school plays. Although not into organized sports, she was an avid bike rider.

            Lori went to Sable Palm Elementary, John F Kennedy Junior High and North Miami Beach Senior High where she acted in some of the school plays.

            She attended the University of Florida and graduated from the University of Miami where she majored in speech and communications. Lori studied acting and had roles in some of the plays, but most of her time was spent in public speaking and college debates.

            Lori worked for an advertising agency while attending college. She says, "One of the greatest things I ever learned at the agency was how to find whatever I need."

            After graduating from college, she started working for Act One, a talent agency doing filing and typing. She later started calling talent, scheduled them for castings, learning as she goes. At this time there were only about three casting directors in Miami. Lori says, "Back then clients would call agents directly and agents would do their own casting. So I used to do a lot of casting and putting people on tape working at Act One and I did this for five years."

            One of the casting directors was handling the Miami Vice series and hired Lori to do the principal casting for the show in her office. Lori says, "At the end of the third year the producer of the series approached me to work for them in-house as their full time casting director." This was an offer she couldn't refuse. She worked for them for the last two years of production.

            Lori then landed the BL Stryker series with Burt Reynolds in Jupiter, Florida. Lori states, "Going from Miami Vice to Stryker was like going from hell to heaven. Vice was a wonderful learning experience, I can cast anything now."

            While working with Stryker she also worked with Stephen J Cannell on a couple of episodes of 21 Jump Street. When Stryker ended she picked up Wiseguys, another series with Stephen J Cannell. At the conclusion of Wiseguys she was out of a job, Lori says, "A couple of friends of mine, Marc Macaulay and Bob Lasky sat me down in my apartment and told me that I needed to have my own office and they would support me. I was already a member of the CSA so I opened Lori Wyman Casting, that was thirteen years ago."

            The first years Lori made a few trips to LA to promote herself and to push the Florida talent pool. The work started pouring in with such films as Striptease, Blood and Wine, Up Close and Personal, and Wild Things. In the past two years she has cast All About the Benjamins, Big Trouble, and The Crew just to name a few. She just wrapped The Fast and The Furious 2 and is currently casting CSI:Miami.

            When asked what she wants from an agent, she replied, "I want them to be efficient and I want them to know their talent. I want them to get back to me in a timely manner when I have information. I don't want to have to remind them who is registered with them so they can call the actor and send them to me."

            When asked, what she wants out of the talent she replied that she just wants them to have the "basics" down. She says: "Professionalism, meaning I want them to be prepared. If there is dialogue I want them to know their dialogue. If they are supposed to be attired a certain way I want them to attire themselves properly. Bring headshots that look like them. Updated resumes that are already put together. Don't say, Oh do you have a glue stick or a stapler. Be prepared."

            Lori met Marc Macaulay while working on Miami Vice where he came in to cast for the show. He lived in New York at the time and commuted back and forth. A couple of years later he called Lori and told her he moved to Miami and wanted to work. Marc got an agent in Florida and started working a lot. Lori says, "A mutual friend of ours had arranged for a group of us to get together for an afternoon. I showed up and he showed up and from that day on we started dating and eventually we were married in January of 1994."

            "It’s not always easy being married, running a casting company, and raising a new baby, but the fact that Marc is an actor he understands the business. We can't always just up and take a vacation. I remember we had a ten-day trip planned. We were going to visit the Grand Canyon and we had to cancel because I got two movies that summer. My husband said, 'Honey the Grand Canyon has been there for millions of years. It is not going anywhere. Do the movies and we’ll go to the Grand Canyon later.' And we did."

            When not working, Lori and Marc like to go to Art Festivals, see as much local theater as possible and they love to shop. They just bought a new house with the addition of the baby. Lori says, "I love spending time with her, playing with her and power walking."

Lori Wyman can be reached at

Ed Donovan can be reached at :

Ed Donovan is a SAG-AFTRA member since 1982. He is a Writer, Biographer, Producer, Director, Screenwriter and the Editor of the Award winning online magazine, In Focus- Magazine. The magazine is linked World Wide with writers and readers throughout the World. For more on Ed Donovan go to IMDB,






Ed Donovan

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