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Invitation to submit a Guest Editorial
Saturday, 08.01.2015, 08:23 PM

Invitation to submit a Guest Editorial


We are Florida's Film Television and the Arts Industry Magazine on line. We are linked internationally with readers in Russia, Germany, Australia, Austria, India, China, Great Britain, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada and throughout the US. We have some of the best writers covering a wide variety of subjects and the writers all donate their columns


The topics are endless. We have some of the topics covered by the columnists. But there is nothing to say you can’t add to it. Could be workshops, -why take acting lessons, how to prepare for an audition, how to act on the set, the subject in endless. How to do a cold reading, how to break down a script, writing, directing, makeup, filmmaking, editing, self promotion, making your website, headshots, scene study etc. Use your mind you have a very creative one or you wouldn’t have gotten this far.


 Please write your article in Times Roman Numeral, 12 Font.  Send all color photos as an attachment and include a photo of yourself in the JPEG format. Send all emails to



Ed Donovan


In Focus-Magazine



Topics may include any one of the subjects listed below:


Breaking down a script

Cold readings

Working with teleprompters

Writing-for TV, Comedy-drama


Sound recording

Scoring a film

Sound effects



Scouting locations

Set design

Make up





Digital photography

Visual Effects

Special effects-







Web site developing

Web streaming

Internet Graphic design


Producing Infomercials

Producing Music videos

Music critiques

Music Licensing

Music composing

Music Publishing


Marine Services

Helicopter uses in films and TV


All stages of theater

All stages of TV production and Programming


Multi media and games

Ed Donovan

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