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Bollywood Flyover
Harshita Ruhela-The upcoming Actress from India
| Monday, 08.06.2018, 01:37 AM |   (59712 views)

Harshita Ruhela-The upcoming Actress from India

By Sunil Babbar, Filmmaker from India

Hello my dear friends from the World Cinema. I am very happy to receive your overwhelming response to my column ‘Bollywood Flyover’. Your love for Bollywood is highly appreciable. Bollywood Flyover loves you all.

Guys, in this issue of the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ let me introduce you to the young, beautiful, charismatic and highly confident girl from the land of India, named ’Miss Harshita Ruhela’.


I met Harshita when I was organizing a German-International Pageant ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India’ in Mumbai in the month of September 2017. Amongst all those 300 applicants she was altogether different from the others. She had all the qualities to win that coveted title, but she could not pursue her participation in the pageant because of her professional commitments. She remained in constant touch with me, and simultaneously she was working for her Ad Films and Modelling assignments. I believe this girl has guts and talent to reach upto a significant place in her professional career. So, lets talk to Harshita on ‘Bollywood Flyover”.


Sunil: Welcome on board the Bollywood Flyover Harshita.


Harshita: Thanks Sunil for providing me an opportunity to communicate with the Hollywood and International film makers and the Bollywood loving cine goers from all over the World.


Sunil: Well Harshita, lets start from your introduction to the World. Please tell us about your birth place and education.


Harshita: I was born at Moradabad (U.P.) in India. I did my schooling in Moradabad and later shifted to Mumbai. I started pursuing my graduation in Science (Biology), but some sudden circumstances and mishaps lead me to take care of my family business in garments. And since then, I am taking care of my business as well my creative pursuits…(laughs) my passion of acting.

Sunil: Please tell us about your family.

Harshita: I am a loving daughter of my mother Mrs. Kamini Ruhela. Wow…she is such a lovely Maa. She is the pillar of my strength, and I believe what I am today is only because of her extreme love and care to me and to my brother Krrish Ruhela. I am so happy that I have a brother like him. Actually its he who inspired and rather persuaded me to see my hidden talents of acting, and to go for the acting assignments. I unfortunately lost my father Mr.Subhash Ruhela after a prolonged illness of 5 years. His sudden death shattered me from inside, but his blessings remained always with me. And I owe whatever I am today, to him only. God bless his soul.

Sunil: Oh…I am so sorry to know it. God bless his soul. Well Harshita, I would love to know how did you get the idea to turn into a film actor and a fashion model from a business person?

Harshita: I know I am beautiful…(laughs), that’s what I have heard from everybody around me since the times I learnt what is beauty. I rather used to see myself in mirror…just to verify whether they are not lying. But they were true…(laughs loudly). Well…on the serious note, I was taking care of my family business after the demise of my father, but never knew that my brother Krrish was seeing all those pains and pathos which I was going through while taking care of them. He was growing, and became truly confident that he can now shoulder the responsibilities of family. He knew about my acting talents, and one day when he asked me to transfer the family responsibilities to him, and to take care and pursue my passion…of acting…to know myself from ‘within’ itself being an actor. I was emotional to hear those words from my young and loving brother. I asked him…ok…let me see what I can do. But he was adamant and I had to fulfill his wishes. So, I jumped on the wagon…(laughs).    

Sunil: Ok…the Business woman turned actress. Good…Let me know what are your good or bad experiences in Bollywood?

Harshita: Well…good experience first…okay…that’s meeting you Sunil…(laughs loudly). Seriously I mean it. I am happy that I could get acquainted to you. Thanks to that non-participation in ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India’ in Mumbai (laughs). I truly wish I could have made my presence there, but no worries…there is always a ‘tomorrow’. Now…the bad experiences…oh my god…how many (laughs)…or…rather so many…well…Bollywood is too harsh for new comers…I wish my father would have been a film producer rather than a business man…(laughs). Things would have been different for me if I belonged to a film family. But I was not, so I had to bear the burnt of being an ‘outsider’ in the Bollywood. I had numerous promises from the so-called film people of Bollywood. Signing of some agreements as well turned out to be a ‘waiting game’ for me. But God was kind and I was regularly getting modeling assignments. I wish that ’newcomers’ are treated little better in Bollywood than the way they are being treated now.

Sunil: Yeah…I can understand. Ok…let me know who are your favorite Indian actors Harshita?

Harshita: Hrithik Roshan…wow…I like him a lot. He is a versatile actor.

Sunil: Ohho…Ok. Who is your favorite film director in India?

Harshita: Ahh…I like the cinema of director Kundan Shah. He is truly good.

Sunil: Which is your all time favorite Bollywood film Harshita?

Harshita: Yes…one and only one…Hindi movie ‘Dil Hai Tumhara’. I have seen this film innumerable times. I remember when my father was alive, he used to call me immediately to the TV room to watch this film whenever it was telecasted on TV. Ohh…I miss my father now.

Sunil: Interesting Harshita. I think I need to see this film on Youtube now. Ok..Harshita, which is your all time favorite Hollywood film?

Harshita: Oh I love that great film…’Baby’s Day Out’. So cute baby…I know he may have become big now. But for me I would always love to see him…in the age in which he was there in the film (smiles).

Sunil: You are a smart and intelligent girl Harshita. Please tell us about the changing face of the Indian cinema?

Harshita: Yes…Indian cinema is changing now…and is changing for the good. The traditional Indian cinema is changing its form and format. Thanks to the ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon Prime’. Now every youth like me has the World cinema in his hand. We can watch the best of the available World cinema in our smart phones now...and that too on our available times (smiles). So, the competition for Bollywood is here now. The Bollywood has to change itself to grab the eyeballs of the present day Indian youth. The process is started…although it is gradual, but yet it is here…the women oriented films like recently released ‘Padmavat’ is bringing that change…bringing out the power of ‘woman’. Although the change was always there…but the speed was tediously slow. We created the films like ‘Mother India’ decades back, but the male domination in Bollywood always suppressed that growth of female centric films. I am happy, that the speed is growing now. Can’t help it…what you can do…is just to accept the change…the competition is here now…from the magnanimous Hollywood itself. So change…for the betterment of your creative pursuits Bollywood.     

Sunil: Do you feel the Indian content is that much powerful to compete with the International cinema globally?

Harshita: No…not yet. Bollywood has to work really hard to get that International film market which is conventionally in the hands of Hollywood for decades. You have to create the big cinema…the honest cinema…the truthful cinema…the larger than life cinema. The one ‘Bahubali’ cannot compete with the Hollywood cinema, where every week there is the release of such ‘Bahubalis’. You have to bring more ‘Bahubalis’ to come at par with the Hollywood cinema. On a positive note, I would say that Bollywood is preparing for the big times now. Watch out World…we the Bollywood people are coming to you…to the World cinema.

Sunil: Harshita, Hollywood is every actor’s ultimate dream. Would you like to try your luck in Hollywood, like Frieda Pinto, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone? How much confident you are for yourself?

Harshita: Yes…of course…I am…not only ready…but preparing to get into the glam world of the Hollywood. I am sure I will win the hearts of the people there. So Hollywood get ready…I am coming…(laughs loudly).

Sunil: Oh wow…I appreciate your confidence Harshita. Welcome to Hollywood. It is here for you. Ok…on another serious query now. Do you believe in Spirituality?

Harshita: Yes, I do. I am a proud Indian, having my faith in Hinduism. I accept that there is a superior power which is controlling…or rather guiding your deeds. I love that superior power, and pray to him to lead me towards light…towards success.

Sunil: Amen!!! Ok Harshita, is your younger brother Krrish going to carry forward the film legacy from you?

Harshita: Yes, he is already into it. He is handing an Event company these days, and I am sure he is going to make big someday in the entertainment sector. God bless him.

Sunil: Are you connected with TV?

Harshita: Not exactly. My forte is Hollywood…hahahaha…only Hollywood…and of course…Bollywood too (laughs loudly).

Sunil: Harshita, what is your advice to the youngsters who want to make big in the Indian Cinema?

Harshita: Follow me…(laughs). No seriously, follow your instinct…work hard…make an ‘uncle’ in Bollywood (laughs again)…just kidding…my only advice to them is…work hard…till your last breath. You will sure have your part of success.

Sunil: What is your advice to the makers of the Bollywood Cinema to take it higher to the International levels?

Harshita: See…India has great scriptures like ‘Mahabharata’, ‘Ramayana’ and so many other epics available in our daily lives…and interestingly they are full of stories…the stories which have human connect…the stories which are truly inspiring…and the stories which have all the dramatic elements in them. We in Bollywood have huge content to explore in our cinema, we have great artistic skills, but sadly we lack the ‘will’ to reach upto the global audiences to exhibit our Indian content based cinema. We don’t need dinosaurs or big flies to bring out our cinema…we have innumerable hidden stories in our daily lives which can be developed into big International cinema. So Bollywood…get up and develop that Indian cinema Internationally.       

Sunil: Thank you Harshita. Its truly interesting conversing with you on the Bollywood and Hollywood cinema. The Bollywood Flyover wishes you a good luck for your upcoming film and modeling assignments. Please keep us updated. Bollywood Flyover is always open for you.

Harshita: Thank you so much Sunil. God bless all the Bollywood and Hollywood film makers and film viewers.

So guys, this was ‘Harshita Ruhela’ for you. I shall be back next time with another step over on Bollywood Flyover. Cheers!!!


Film Producer/Director,






Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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