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Bollywood Flyover
Priyanka Agrawal-A Model Turned Actress from India
| Saturday, 01.05.2008, 01:37 AM |   (16235 views)

Priyanka Agrawal-A Model Turned Actress from India

By Sunil Babbar, Filmmaker from India

My dear friends from the World Cinema.  In this issue of ‘Bollywood Flyover’ let me introduce you to Priyanka Agrawal, a Model turned Actress from India.

Priyanka Agrawal is an Indian film actress and a fashion model currently residing in Mumbai.

Priyanka was born and brought up in Delhi. Her father was a Govt. Officer in the Health Department and her mother is a housewife. Priyanka completed her graduation and then went on to further do her Interior Design in Delhi.

The 5’7" beautiful and leggy model debuted with director Major Ravi’s much awaited multi-lingual war film ‘1971 - Beyond Borders’. Featuring the Malayalee Superstar Mohanlal and the Bollywood actor Arunoday Singh, the movie “1971–Beyond Borders” was produced on a very ambitious and lavish scale.

Prior to signing up for the film “1971- Beyond Borders,” Priyanka Agrawal had also featured in a Priyadarshan directed commercial ad with the versatile actor Mohanlal for Lloyd Air Conditioner in 2015.

She also appeared in another television commercial for Sunland Sunflower Oil.

As a highly successful model, Priyanka Agrawal has walked the ramp in numerous fashion shows for an eclectic mix of acclaimed Indian fashion designers. She has also featured in print ads for many International and National Brands including Lee (jeans) and Allen Solly amongst others. She was one of the primary models for DASS Jewellers and has successfully endorsed their brand. She was adjudged ‘Ms. Beautiful Smile in 2016’ by the lifestyle brand Cannonball Media.

Priyanka Agrawal has appeared in numerous Hindi and Punjabi music videos as well, notable amongst them was with the well-known Punjabi singer, Babbu Maan.

The year 2018 could see her featuring in three movies – One in Tamil, one in Telugu and one in Bollywood.

Guys, I met this beautiful actress in my office, and I had an elaborated discussion with her on all the cinematic issues…about her own cinema and the Bollywood cinema in general. Here are the excerpts of our talks:

Sunil: Welcome on board the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ Priyanka.

Priyanka: Thank you Mr.Sunil. I am very happy to get connected to the Bollywood cinema lovers all over the World through this esteemed column ‘Bollywood Flyover’.

Sunil: Thank you. I am sure they would love to know more about you Priyanka. Please let the world know about your current works related to cinema.

Priyanka: My current works…ok…I have recently signed two feature films, one in the Bollywood and the other one in a South Indian language. The shooting will start soon. I am endorsing few Jewellery and Cosmetic brands too.

Sunil:  Priyanka, how did you get the idea to turn into a film actor?

Priyanka: I love cinema. Right from my childhood I used to watch lot of films…Hollywood and Bollywood both. The Cinema has always inspired me. I can proudly say that I live cinema. I breathe Cinema…and I believe my whole entity is based in Cinema…just Cinema. I started my cinema career as a fashion model and then a theatre artist. That is how I explored my acting talent. I think it was always within me. I used to explore various characters amongst the people around me…different characters through their mannerisms…through their communication skills. I could relate that LIFE in itself is a big THEATRE…and we all are here to perform our own CHARACTERS. I became really serious about my passion…and thus started my acting career. Cinema was my natural transition from theatre.

Sunil: Interesting…Please tell us about the changing face of the Hollywood and Bollywood cinema globally.

Priyanka: Hmmm…Hollywood…I believe Hollywood has its main strength in cinema technique and the global marketing strategies. They create content involving these two elements. The Sequels of their cinema is a regular phenomenon in their cinematic approach. Whereas the Bollywood cinema has its inherent strength in its content. We create fabulous stories which we inherit from our great epics and the socio-cultural environment of the Indian society since ages. Now Bollywood is trying to put more emphasis on the technique only, and sadly in that course we at times loose the strength of our content. I believe that Bollywood cinema needs to learn the better cinema techniques and the marketing strategies from the Hollywood cinema, and the Hollywood cinema may include the great spiritual and cultural ‘India’ in their cinema.      

Sunil: Correct…Priyanka, I believe, you are a spiritual person, how are you going to incorporate your spirituality into your cinema works?

Priyanka: Yes. I am a spiritual person and I believe in the universal energies. We are just a manifestation of the universe. This belief is the power inside me…and it gives me strength to fight alone. I have developed an attitude to never give up in life. I think my beliefs and the spiritual power within me helps me to grow as a human being, and also supports me to portray different characters convincingly through my cinema.


Sunil: Very interesting. Ok…Please tell me about your family Priyanka.

Priyanka: I lost my father four years back. I have now my mother with me.

Sunil: Did your family support you in your cinema works?

Priyanka: I am born in a conservative marwari family, where the social values are more important than anything else. Initially nobody supported me. I started my modelling career discreetly along with my studies….without any knowledge to my parents. And then came a time they started supporting me. 

Sunil: Oh good. Have you appeared in any TV show? How is the TV industry working in India?

Priyanka: The TV industry has developed itself as a good platform for the upcoming actors. It has become truly big now, but still…if you ask me to try my hand on the TV, I would say that I am not interested as I don’t get myself convinced by these family drama scripts available on the TV.

Sunil: Hmmm…What is your advice to the new comers who want to make big in the Bollywood Cinema?

Priyanka: For new comers it is a really tough industry to enter. If you don't have any film background it becomes a more difficult proposition. Still I would say that nothing is impossible in life if you are focused and talented both. You have to develop a never give up attitude.


Sunil: Rightly said Priyanka, what is your advice to the makers of the Bollywood Cinema especially to take it higher to the International levels?

Priyanka: Create cinema with your ‘heart’…and make it a masterpiece to touch the ‘hearts’ of the others.

Sunil: Yes…Well said. I appreciate your knowledge with cinema Priyanka. My best wishes are always with you. ‘Bollywood Flyover’ is open for you to promote all your next ventures in the future. All the best.

Priyanka: Thank you Mr. Sunil.


So guys, this was Priyanka Agarwal…an Indian actress…for you…for the Global Cinema lovers.

I shall be back next time with another article in the next issue of ‘Bollywood Flyover’. Cheers!!!


Film Producer/Director,

MUMBAI (India, USA & Mauritius)




Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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