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Bollywood Flyover
Kiara Rajpoot and her Cinema. By Sunil Babbar Filmmaker from India
| Tuesday, 02.05.2019, 01:37 AM |   (63538 views)


Kaira Rajpoot and her Cinema.

By Sunil Babbar Filmmaker from India..

My dear friends from the World Cinema…I am extremely happy for your overwhelming response to my column ‘Bollywood Flyover’.

Your Bollywood is glorious…Bollywood is vivacious…Bollywood is vibrant…and Bollywood is colorful…Bollywood is music…Bollywood is dance…Bollywood is drama…and Bollywood is full of talented actors. One of them is the upcoming actress ‘Kaira Rajpoot’. Kaira is charismatic, talented and an acting power house. Let me introduce the Bollywood persona ‘Kaira Rajpoot’ to you…on…Bollywood Flyover.

Sunil: Welcome on board the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ Kaira. I welcome you on behalf of the American International ‘Infocus-Magazine’.

Kaira: Thank you Mr.Sunil…It gives me an immense pleasure that I am conversing with the International film loving people through ‘Bollywood Flyover’.

Sunil: Kaira, please tell us about your birth place and education.

Kaira: I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, whereas my native place is Delhi. Presently I am staying in Mumbai. I was studying B.Com (Computers) in Hyderabad, and suddenly I had to drop my education in between because of some important shooting assignments in Mumbai. But I have learnt a lot from life (laughs).

Sunil: Ohhk…interesting. Kaira, please let the world know about your filmography?

Kaira: I started my film career in the year 2009 in Hyderabad (Tollywood movies) as a lead actress. My first film was ‘Neesneham Nacchuvule Vaana’. Then some interesting film projects like ‘Andhra Vadu’ (with Superstar Chiranjeevi), ‘Desh Mudru’ (with Alu Arjun), ‘Hero’ (with Nitin), ‘Khatarnak’ (with Superstar Ravi Teja), ‘Don’ (with another Superstar Nagarjun), ‘Rakhee’ (with Junior NTR), ‘Bujji Gadu’ (with Megastar Prabhaas), ‘Holi’ (with Ravi Teja) and ‘Fitting Master’ (with Pawan Kalyan). I shifted to Mumbai in the year 2011, and since then I am trying to prove my talent in Bollywood. I did a Bollywood movie named ‘Target India’ as a hardcore patriotic soldier. I also Bollywood movie ‘Arundhati’ (with famous Bollywood actors ‘Sonu Sood and Anushka Sharma). And now, I have my eyes on Hollywood…Bollywood…Tollywood…and Everywood (laughs). 

Sunil: Oh wow. Exciting list Kaira. How did you get the idea to turn into a film actor and a fashion model?

Kaira: I used to see myself in the mirror since the time I was very young, and people around told me that I look like a Bollywood heroine. One of my friends Sameera was always telling me that some film shootings are happening around, and I must come along with her on sets to try my luck. I never believed her, and one day for the fun sake, I accompanied her on a film set in ‘Annapurna Studio’ in Hyderabad, and hurray…I was selected instantly, and ironically my friend could not get the golden chance. And the gates of cinema opened for me. One film lead to the other, and I never knew I had become an actress. 

Sunil: Hmmm…interesting journey Kaira. Ok…since you have worked in and known about these cinema industries present in India, please tell us about the changing face of the Indian films?

Kaira: See…the growth is a natural process, may it be life…or cinema. India is a young nation in the World. And with the internet connectivity available to virtually each and every cell phone holder in India, the Hollywood and the International cinema is available to them through Youtube and other Digital platforms. And interestingly this makes a huge quality distance between the available Bollywood films and the Hollywood films. It is now a compulsion for the Bollywood film makers to create cinema at par with the International cinema. The process has started…may be not at the required pace, but yes it has started. Now the content driven films are taking the central place in India, in place of the traditional actor driven films. Good contented films are now being accepted by the audiences. And this is a welcome change. 

Sunil: Who are your favorite Indian actors?

Kaira: Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone.

Sunil: Who is your favorite film director in India?

Kaira: Raju Hirani is my favorite film director. His films ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, ‘PK’ and recently released ‘Sanju’ are truly powerful films.

Sunil: Which is your all time favorite film Kaira?

Kaira: ‘PK’ is my all time favorite movie.

Sunil: Do you feel the Indian content is that much powerful to compete with the International cinema globally?

Kaira: Not exactly. Bollywood needs to go out of the traditional film making pattern of ‘actor driven’ stories…who can beat a dozen goons with one punch only…(laughs). They have to create stories which make a ‘hero’ out of an ordinary person caught in the difficult circumstances, the way Hollywood creates. The stories which have some human and social significance need to be developed. The process has started in India, and I am sure it will grow rapidly.

Sunil: Do you believe in Spirituality?

Kaira: Yes, I believe in Hinduism. I follow purity on certain days…like Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I do regular pooja, and keep praying on every available free time. I am sure God helps me to achieve my goals.

Sunil: Kaira, please tell us about your family.

Kaira: I am so happy to have my loving father, mother and brother with me. God speaks to me through them.

Sunil: Is your family going to carry forward the film legacy from you?

Kaira: Their whole emphasis is on me. My family always supports me in fulfilling my dreams to become a successful actor, and they have gone out of their way to make it realize for me.

Sunil: Are you connected with TV?

Kaira: Yes. I did some interesting TV shows in Mumbai, like ‘Bade Acchhe Lagte Hain’, ‘Pavitra Rishta’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi ki’, ‘Kusum’, ‘Kutumb’, and ‘Kuchh Is Tarah’ etc.

Sunil: What is your advice to the youngsters who want to make big in the Indian Cinema?

Kaira: Work hard…and hard…and hard. Make the Bollywood compelled to open its gates for you.

Sunil: What is the current situation of Regional Cinema in India these days?

Kaira: The South Indian film making scenario is very professional, and they create highly profitable films. ‘Bahubali’ is one such strong example. I think the Bollywood can learn many things from the South India cinema.

Sunil: Interesting conversation with you Kaira. Thanks for being on board the Bollywood Flyover. Please keep us updated on your coming projects. Bollywood Flyover is always open for you.

Kaira: Thank you Mr. Sunil. God bless all the readers of Bollywood Flyover.

So guys, this was Kaira Rajpoot for you. The strong willed, intelligent and powerful actress from India.

So, as always, I believe that the World is an extended family to me…‘Bollywood Flyover’ is opening the different layers of the colorful, vivacious and glamorous ‘Bollywood’ to you…to the global cinema lovers…

I shall be back next time with another step over on Bollywood Flyover. Cheers!!! 


Film Producer/Director,






Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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