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Bollywood Flyover
“Saroj Giri and Umesh Giri on their journey from ‘Real’ to ‘Reel’ Life”
| Saturday, 10.06.2018, 01:37 AM |   (61891 views)

“Saroj Giri and Umesh Giri on their journey from ‘Real’ to ‘Reel’ Life”

By Sunil Babbar, film maker from India

My dear friends from the World Cinema. I am extremely happy for your ever growing interest in my column ‘Bollywood Flyover’.

In this issue of the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ let me introduce you to Dr. Saroj Giri and Mr.Umesh Giri, the thinking and enthusiastic Indians, who are entering the global cinema to present India Internationally.


Friends, let me introduce you to the man…Mr.Umesh Giri, a successful business person, and the woman…Dr.Saroj Giri, a social worker of repute from Gorakhpur, the land of Baba Gorakh Nath in the state of U.P. Dr. Saroj Giri is a simple yet big-hearted woman of substance. I believe she is truly a spiritual person who loves each and every manifestation of the universe. Dr. Saroj Giri is a traveler in the search of her own being. She loves India, and has an intense desire to take India and the Indian art and culture in each and every part of the globe.


I met Mr. Umesh Giri at my home and had a long talk with him about his and Dr. Saroj Giri’s social and creative journey.


Sunil: Welcome on board the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ Mr.Umesh Giri. Please let the world know about your current works in India.

Umesh: Thank you Mr. Sunil. I am happy to be here on the Bollywood Flyover to communicate with the global lovers of our Bollywood. I am a businessman in India exporting the World famous rice to many countries in the World. My wife Dr. Saroj Giri is an eminent social worker, along with being a loving wife to me, and a great mother to her children. 

Sunil: Mr. Umesh, you are a successful businessman. Please let the World know about your interest in films.

Umesh: I think my interest in films has been a gradual process of me about knowing myself.  I love cinema…I love music. I have lived with cinema discreetly for ages (smiles). And then luckily I met you. When I heard the project of film ‘Red Zone’ from you, which is based on Buddha and his teachings, it instantly encouraged me to get convinced that this is the right time to see my hidden desire translated on the big screen. I discussed this Buddha related film project with my wife Dr.Saroj Giri, who is working day and night for the welfare of the under-privileged sections of the society in India. She instantly liked the idea, and told me that the power of the audio-visual medium can give a boost to her social works. She actually convinced me to shoot this film ‘Red Zone’ on the beautiful locations of Kushinagar, Sarnath, Lucknow and Banaras in the state of U.P. Accordingly we have now started this International film ‘Red Zone’ through our film production company named ‘Saroj Film Productions’.    

Sunil: That’s interesting. Do you believe that the U.P. locations would bring more of the Bollywood and the International cinema in the state of U.P.?

Umesh: Yes. I am hundred percent sure that the World cinema makers will be lured by the beauty of this Hindi heartland. My International film ‘Red Zone’ is going to be shot in the state of U.P., and it is going to be released in more than 85 countries in the World in English and Hindi languages. Today we are living in the World which has developed a faster communication through the digital transmission. The Buddhism based film ‘Red Zone’ would certainly promote the state of U.P. in a larger way, and it would also bring more tourism and the cinema activities in this state from all parts of the World. Me and my wife love this beautiful State U.P., and would do everything which brings prosperity and development to this state.  

Sunil: Hmmm…what are the facilities being provided by the Govt. of U.P. to the filmmakers coming from other parts of the World, who wish to produce their films in India?

Umesh: Everything related to the cinema activities is present here in this state. Beautiful locations, ample safety & security to the crew, and of course the ‘Film Subsidy’ provided by the Government to promote cinematic activities in this state. I would love to appeal to the fellow film makers in the World to come and shoot their films in the state of U.P.

Sunil: Ok. That’s good. I am sure the global film fraternity would love to respond to the facts and benefits provided by you. Ok…now please tell us about your views on the local Indian Cinema?

Umesh: We need to grow. We are a nation of 1.3 Billion people, but sadly the revenues generated by the Indian films are far less than our capacity. The reason is very clear. We do not experiment with the medium. We have an ample number of stories present in our daily lives, but we do not convert them into the powerful International cinema, rather we follow that old and beaten path of stories which have been told to us 100s of times in our films. I think we need to grow along with the International cinema.  

 Sunil: How are the TV and Radio industries working in India?

Umesh: If we talk about the News related TV, yes…they have developed enormous power with them. They effect our thinking patterns and our lives too, and may make us believe on the situations from their own point of views. As regards to the Entertainment TV channels…no…they are doing as bad as some of the local cinema. They can do much more than they are doing at this moment. Radio…yes, they are growing with the times.

Sunil: Mr. Umesh, who are your favorite film actors in India?

Umesh: My favorite actors are Vinod Khanna and Rajesh Khanna.

Sunil: Who are your favorite singers in India?

Umesh: My all time favorite singer is Kishore Kumar.

Sunil: You and your wife Dr.Saroj Giri are entering the World Cinema with your support to the exciting International film project ‘Red Zone’. What are your views on it?

Umesh: ‘Red Zone’ is our dream project. Me and my wife Dr.Saroj Giri are excited to see it happening…at the very earliest. We plan to release this film globally and in the domestic Indian territories within the year 2019 itself. Dr. Saroj Giri believes that the teachings of Buddha are more relevant and required in today’s world. We need peace in the world…and the brotherhood in the Indian society. Buddha is a symbol of peace and prosperity. Baba Saab Ambedkar was a great follower of Buddha, and Dr. Saroj believes that she needs to follow the path of Baba Saab Ambedkar for the upliftment of all Buddhist community in this vast country of India.

Sunil: Ohhh…that’s a great expression from you and her. I appreciate your commitment to this noble cause. are a thinking filmmaker Mr.Umesh, please enlighten us about the changing face of the cinema globally?

Umesh: Cinema is spreading its wings…enormously. It is going out of the boundaries of the traditional cinema halls, and is reaching in your pockets…in your phones itself. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the recent examples of the powerful digital platforms of Video on Demand. It is a good sign for the growth of cinema and the cinema makers.

Sunil: True…Ok…what is your advice to the aspiring film makers from India who wants to make big in the Global Cinema?

Umesh: Follow your heart while developing your stories…and follow your brain while marketing your cinema treated stories. You can do the wonders.

Sunil: Please tell us about your family Mr. Umesh.

Umesh: Me and my wife Dr.Saroj Giri have two daughters and one son. My eldest daughter’s name is Shivangi Giri. She is a Post Graduate and has recently married to Mr. Abhinav Giri. My other daughter named Shalini Giri is pursuing her medical degree in Lady Harding Medical Hospital, Delhi. My son named Jyotiraditya Giri wishes to see himself growing as an advocate.

Sunil: Would you like your family to carry forward the film legacy from you?

Umesh: Of course…my wife Dr.Saroj Giri is extending her full support to see my dream film ‘Red Zone’ come true. She has numerous plans for making this Buddha related film available to all sections of the society in India.

Sunil: Mr.Umesh, ‘Bollywood Flyover’ is your global platform to communicate with the cinema lovers worldwide, you may use this platform to invite people from the worldover to visit your beautiful country India.

Umesh: My appeal to the fellow film makers of World. Come…and experience the love, warmth, culture, traditions and the serenity of India. We are here to welcome you all with our open arms. We believe in ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’…that is ’The World is one family’. Come and meet your brothers and sisters of India. Welcome to India.

Sunil: Great thoughts…great attitude Mr.Umesh. I appreciate your love for humanity. Thank you for our wonderful discussions.

Umesh: Thank you Mr. Sunil. God bless you all.   

Guys, I believe Mr. Umesh Giri and Dr. Saroj Giri are going a long way with their vision, approach and commitment. I wish them all success in their life.


So, this was Mr. Umesh Giri, the man behind the cinematic journey of Dr. Saroj Giri to you…to the global audiences.

As always, I believe that the world is an extended family to me…‘Bollywood Flyover’ is opening the different layers of the colorful, vivacious and glamorous ‘Bollywood’ to you…to the global cinema lovers…

I shall be back next time with another step over on Bollywood Flyover. Cheers!!!


Film Producer/Director,

MUMBAI (India and the USA)





Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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