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Bollywood Flyover
Sakhares explore themselves in the International Cinema
| Tuesday, 06.05.2018, 01:37 AM |   (35023 views)

Sakhares explore themselves in the International Cinema

By Sunil Babbar, Filmmaker in India

My dear friends from the World Cinema…I am extremely happy for your overwhelming response to my column ‘Bollywood Flyover’.

As you know your Bollywood is glorious…Bollywood is vivacious…Bollywood is vibrant…and Bollywood is colorful. Bollywood is music…Bollywood is dance…Bollywood is drama…but somewhere within it…somewhere behind the glamorous world of the Indian Cinema  lies a hard struggle of achieving yourself…a struggle to fulfill your dreams…a struggle to know yourself…a struggle to prove your point of being a film maker. That is what everybody does…That is what Mr. Rajan Sakhare and Mrs. Shamlee Sakhare have done. They are the travelers of their journey ‘within themselves’. Rajan was a banker…but is a film maker now…Shamlee is a Spiritual leader…but she too is a film maker now. They are the intelligent film makers from Bollywood…the thinking film makers in their cinematic journey to PROVE themselves globally…They are here for you…on…Bollywood Flyover.

Sunil: Welcome on board the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ Mrs.Shamlee Sakhare and Mr.Rajan Sakhare. I welcome you on behalf of the American International Film Magazine ‘In-focus’. Mr.Rajan and Mrs. Shamlee, please let the world know about your current works and the cinema promotion activities taken by you and your film production company ‘New Dimension Productions Pvt.Ltd.’.

Rajan: Sunil…It gives me an immense pleasure that I have been invited on such a great International platform and I am very delighted and grateful to be associated with the American International Film Magazine ‘In-focus’ through BOLLYWOOD FLYOVER. I take this opportunity to extend my greetings to the World film making community. Let’s we all from the Bollywood extend our cinematic companionship to Hollywood and the thinking film fraternity from all over the globe. Ok…let me explain now the works being taken up by me and my associates here in India. I am excited to be a part of the Indian International Film Production and Distribution company named as ‘New Dimension Productions Pvt.Ltd.’. We have just completed our short film PATACHARA which is a movie based on a real story in the era of Lord Buddha. It is going to be released shortly on various International Digital platforms. Simultaneously we are doing some other film projects and at present we got very interesting multi-lingual International film project entitled ‘RED ZONE’. It is a cinematic presentation of a real story based on the Nepal earth quake on 25th April’2015.

Shamlee: Hello World. This is Shamlee Sakhare from India. Thank you very much for having us. I am very delighted to be a part of this International platform on Bollywood Flyover.We started our journey with cinema through NEW DIMENSION PRODUCTIONS, as a proprietor company in the year 2008 and now it’s a well established Private Limited Company making films, ad films and web series. Currently we have just finished our short film titled PATACHARA for the International film festivals and the Digital platforms, which will be released soon.

Sunil:  Congratulations on your achievements Mrs.Shamlee. The World film making community will be happy to receive your views on the ever growing Bollywood. You are a successful Film Maker yourself. Please let the World know about you and your creative arena.

Shamlee (Smiles gracefully): Well…My journey as cine-maker started interestingly as a child artist itself doing theater, stage performances which include the famous play AMRAPALI. My family supported my dream which encouraged me to fulfil my creative pursuits.

Sunil: Interesting Mrs.Shamlee. I got to know that you and every member of your family are practicing meditation by following the great philosophy of Buddhism. Please let us know how you are going to use your spirituality into making of your cinema.

Shamlee: Oh yes, I and my family are destined to have the blessings of Lord Buddha, and we are very spiritual people. We practice meditation, we regularly do chanting of the BUDDHA SUTRA and we are great followers of Buddha. With almighty’s blessings our whole family has done a ‘Vipassana’ course, which is the gateway to the Buddha’s teachings.Me and my family are using the strength of cinema and the audio-visual medium to spread the awareness about the concepts of Buddhism and to inject the spirituality and peace in today’s world, which is the need of the hour. Everybody is suffering from manifold problems and we believe the cinema can prove to be a great medium to communicate the inherent principles of peace and happiness to the World community. Being so fortunate that HIS HOINESS THE DALAI LAMA blessed us for our short film PATACHARA. His holiness encouraged us and his blessings allowed us and showed us the path to spread the message of Lord Buddha across the globe. By making such movies which spread the message to every being on the planet earth where there is the utmost necessity of peace, love, tranquility and compassion.

Sunil: Oh wow…interesting. Well Mr.Rajan, you had been a successful banker all through your life. What made you divert your interest from banking and finance to the film making?

Rajan: Yes, I have been associated with banking for more than three decades and it was great experience. Banking sector is a corporate disciplined sector where rules and regulations are to be followed meticulously, if the same is applied in the cinematic area, it will not just enhance the productivity and the time frame in film making but also give it a huge progress in all streams of cinema making in Bollywood. To tell you the truth, my father was the radio artist at AIR (ALL INDIA RADIO), the state owned radio station when there was no television in existence in India that time. My wife and son are the stage artists and my daughter being a film actress whose film would be released shortly. So my transition into film making was a natural recourse.  

Sunil: Mrs.Shamlee. Do you believe that your kind of cinema will bring more of Hollywood and International cinema in India, and may resultantly help in the enormous growth of Bollywood in general?

Shamlee: Definitely, spirituality is the base of Indian culture and livelihood, giving shapes to different concepts in today’s film making. Even Hollywood is driven by many mythological characters and super heroes, I think its time that we integrate both the concepts in to giving something better for the future generations to look forward to, which is today’s need. Today Bollywood is evolving to give more of the concept driven films than to the hero driven films and Hollywood has a perspective set about Bollywood, but Bollywood has so much to offer in different shades. I think spirituality can be a medium to establish togetherness between them giving birth to a different kind of cinema.

Sunil: Mr.Rajan, please let us know about your views on the local Bollywood Cinema?

Rajan: Let me tell you Sunil about Bollywood. Today Bollywood is not just dance, songs, masty and all the extravagant commercial films. That era has changed now. The presence of Hollywood and its big budgeted films in India have started giving a head start competition to almost all the films of Bollywood. India is a young country. And the youth today demands its own kind of cinema…at par with the International cinema.

Shamlee (adds): Well, time has changed today. Bollywood is looking forward to different types of concepts which are doing well commercially and also being acclaimed critically. Today people have started accepting the movies like 102 NOTOUT, RAAZI, SARANSH, TOILET EK PREM KATHA, and many more, whereas some movies like DANGAL, THE SECRET SUPERSTAR and BAHUBALI have done exceptionally well Internationally, generating millions of dollars in China. The cult movies like SLUM MILLIONARE and LIFE OF PIE have taken Indian cinema to the different levels.Slumdog Millionaire was accepted and appreciated even in the ACADEMY AWARDS by winning 8 Oscars.

Sunil: Yeah…true. How are the TV and Radio industries working in India Mr.Rajan?

Rajan: With the privatization of the radio and television in India, the growth is enormous and reaching out to millions of people on daily basis. Even the Prime Minister of INDIA has realized this and started sharing his views on AIR channel with his famous programme MAAN KI BAAT.  The promotion and packaging of films and other brands have transformed the market and cinematic experience and it comes with a heavy budget.

Shamlee (adds): Well…the daily soaps have brought different business all together into the television industry transforming their reach to even to the prime time news channels, providing space to the drama sequences even in the news channels in India today.

Sunil: Mr. Rajan, I came to know from your son Shanky about your planned ‘Cinema based Theme Park’ in India. What are your views on this upcoming project?

Rajan: Nowadays Bollywood is doing good business overseas, so we are planning to make such kind of theme parks in India as well as outside India to give a wholesome experience. This will be one platform where film based theme parks will be a mix of colors from Hollywood and Bollywood to bring a surreal ride to entertainment.

Sunil: Mrs.Shamlee…You are entering the World Cinema with your support to some new and exciting International film projects…such as the Hollywood film ‘Red Zone’. What are your views on it?

Shamlee: When Sunil you told me the story, I was really touched with this concept and Red Zone has come in as an inspiration which brings light to humanity and its treatment to the world we live in making the planet a ‘Red Zone’ with a touch of real life stories and we believe that this film is designed only for us and only we can do justice with it. Since you are the talented director and this is the project designed by you what are your thoughts on joining with NEW DIMENSION PRODUCTIONS.

Sunil: Why not? Sure…You both are intellectuals and the thinking film makers. ‘Red Zone’ would love to complete its cinematic journey with New Dimension Productions. Thank you. Okay…lets get back to ‘Bollywood Flyover’ now. Mr.Rajan, what are your expectations from the Hollywood and Bollywood cinema makers for the growth of Buddhism in the World?

Rajan: The birth place of Lord Buddha is Lumbini in Nepal and we are shooting the first sequence in Lumbini itself and since our film brings the flavor of Bollywood and Hollywood together, with the grace of Lord Buddha we might bring light into the ideologies of Buddhism which may inspire the people across both the film making industries to drive the spirituality in the films in their own Accenture.

Sunil: Yes great. You are a thinking film producer Mrs.Shamlee, please enlighten us about the changing face of the cinema globally?

Shamlee: The global cinema has changed the experience of the viewers of cinema viewing globally. Now it has even transformed its form into digital platforms and who knows what might come in the future, it could be a virtual reality cinema. The Netflix is not just there globally, its presence is also felt in India and it is changing the film distribution process globally. Similarly mobile technologies are giving the personal cinema to today’s youth, driving the future of cinema reach exponentially.

Sunil: Mr.Rajan, what is your advice to the aspiring film makers from India who wants to make big in the Global Cinema?

Rajan: Vision is the driving force of films…think globally…execute globally and make your cinema global.

Sunil: Mrs. Shamlee, since you had been associated with Bollywood for long, what is your advice to the makers of the Bollywood films to take their cinema higher to the International levels?

Shamlee: Create your cinema with heart…it will reach the hearts of the people globally, but if you make the films with too much mind, then it might not be able to touch the hearts of the people globally.

Sunil: Yes. I acknowledge and agree with you Mrs.Shamlee. Please tell us about your family Mr. Rajan.

Rajan: Me and my wife have two sweet children. My son Shanky and daughter Prakoshni…they both are qualified software engineers in computer science. My daughter is a destiny’s child who is an actress and a highly spiritual person with great dreams inspiring lots of people worldwide. My son started his journey as a child artist and have done many stage performances. He is always experimenting with new ideas for the betterment of the World. Currently he has made a project for the theme park and is also establishing a solar development company.

Sunil: Would you like your son and daughter to carry forward the film legacy from you?

Shamlee: Yes definitely…they are carrying forward the films legacy with us shoulder to shoulder. I want their generation to come ahead and bring their ideas into existence and create it differently, which would touch the hearts of a billion people, let the world know about it through cinema and films in their flavor.

Sunil: Well…thank you Mr.Rajan and Mrs. Shamlee. It was great talking to you. ‘Bollywood Flyover’ is your global platform to communicate with the cinema lovers Worldwide. You may use this platform to invite people from the World over to visit your cinema. All the very best for your film ‘Red Zone’ and also for your glorious entry into the International cinema.

Shamlee: Thank you so much Sunil. Its my pleasure to be part of the mega project RED ZONE which would be released Worldwide in the year 2019. So World…wait for us…we will be there with you…in your own country…in your own language. May Buddha bless you.

Rajan: Well Sunil, I would like to extend my gratitude to you, to Bollywood Flyover, to Hollywood and the Bollywood film fraternity. We will have continuous cinematic interaction with you till we keep making films. My sincere thanks to dear viewers and readers from all over the World…we will be with you through our film ‘Red Zone’ for your peace and happiness shortly. May Buddha bless you.

So guys, these were Rajan Sakhare and Shamlee Sakhare for you. The strong willed, intelligent and powerful film makers from India.

So, as always, I believe that the World is an extended family to me…‘Bollywood Flyover’ is opening the different layers of the colorful, vivacious and glamorous ‘Bollywood’ to you…to the global cinema lovers…

I shall be back next time with another step over on Bollywood Flyover. Cheers!!! 


Film Producer/Director,








Film Producer/Director,

MUMBAI (India, USA & Mauritius)



Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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