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Angel Tetarbe’ from India wins the ‘Best National Costume’ honor in Germany
Monday, 07.09.2018, 01:37 AM

Angel Tetarbe’ from India wins the ‘Best National Costume’ honor in Germany

By Sunil Babbar, Film maker from India

Hello my dear friends from the World Cinema. Welcome to Bollywood Flyover.

In this issue of the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ let me introduce you to the International Award Winning Model and a Bollywood Actress ‘Angel Tetarbe’. Angel is beautiful…Angel is charming…Angel is intelligent…and above all…Angel knows inside out of the Bollywood.   

I met Angel when I was organizing a German-International Pageant ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India’ in Mumbai in the month of September 2017. Amongst all those 300 applicants she always looked different…she was full of energy…commitment…and always had a charming smile on her face. In the last 20 finalists of the pageant she came on the top, and won the pageant itself. She won the crown of ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India’ and was chosen to represent India in ‘Miss Glamourfaces World 2018’ in Germany on 11th March 2018. And here again she proved her strength, and she won the ‘Best National Costume’ honor amongst 20 International finalists.  She represented India well in this Global event and made India proud with her charisma and performance. From Germany she went on to UK and then to the USA to prove her talent, and made some considerable achievements in her International representations. She came back to India just recently with loads of laurels and with some lucrative International assignments and endorsements in her hands.


So here, I present the honor of India ‘Miss Angel Tetarbe’ to you…to the global audiences.


Sunil: Welcome on board the ‘Bollywood Flyover’ Angel. First of all…please accept our heartiest congratulations on making India proud by stylishly exhibiting the Indian costumes to the International media and fashion professionals in Germany.


Angel: Thank you Mr.Sunil. I am excited to communicate with the World through this wonderful ‘flyover’. Please accept my humble ‘Namaste’.


Sunil: Namaste to you as well Angel. I am sure the readers of the Bollywood Flyover will reciprocate your greetings in each and every part of the World. Now…let me start with your formal introduction in your own words. Please let the World know about you and your family.


Angel: Well…my birth place is Ranchi city in India. My father's name is Mr. Ashok Kumar Tetarbe. He is an Author and my mother's name is Mrs. Jyotsna Bala Tetarbe. I Love my parents a lot. They are actually God to me on this earth. My mother is my best friend, always encouraging and giving me confidence in my life to stand with honesty. Because of their full support I am experiencing the beautiful journey of my life.


Sunil: How was your experience of winning ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India’ in Mumbai?


Angel: Oh it was amazing time we had. I did lot of hard work for the preparation of this contest, doing dance, rehearsals for my talent round and many others things to make myself ready for the contest to win.  My mom supported me a lot all through during my contest. The contest was tough and to grab the main title you need to be little different from others to stand out. Finally I won in my ‘question-answer’ round. And that was main reason by Gods grace that everyone liked the way I performed in every round and the way I answered to my judges. Finally I won it by Gods’ blessings.


Sunil: Ok…please let us know about your experience in representing India in Germany.


Angel: Oh that was too much I had to go through. I came back from London and applied for my German visa in the German Embassy. And to my shock the German Embassy refused to grant me Visa on my newly made passport which was issued by the Indian government. I had to fight with the German Embassy people and then I met the Passport office Head Mrs. Swati Kulkarni. She helped me immediately to solve this issue. I am very grateful to her. I had also emailed to the External Affairs Minister of India as I was to represent my country India in Germany. The German Embassy for no reason was creating obstacles for me.  So finally the Indian Government helped me to resolve my problem and emailed to the German Embassy for granting Visa on new valid passport issued to me by the Indian government. So I had to go through lot of pain and sweat to get this visa. Lot of running around to the top offices to get through it. I didn't give up at any point as I was determined to reach Germany in time to represent my country India.


Sunil: Oh wow…amazing efforts Angel. Good…Okay…you have won the honor of ‘Best National Costume’ in World, did the people ask you about the traditional Indian dresses there?


Angel: Yes. In the ‘National Costume’...the very first round, every girl had to wear their country’s cultural dress. So I wore Indian red coloured ‘Lehenga’ with lot of jewellery on my head, neck and hands. My Indian outfit was completely outstanding amongst other contestants.  I got lot of compliments and the International photographers took my pictures instantly. I felt so happy and blessed by God.


Sunil: Ok…great. Now please let us know…how did you get the idea to turn into a model and a film actress?

Angel: From my childhood days I use to watch Hindi movies and as I grew I got fascinated about the fashion industry. So when I got the opportunity to participate as a contestant I grabbed it with full devotion and dedication. I tried to give my best. And By Gods’ grace I won the title as ‘Miss Glamourfaces World-India 2017’.

Sunil: How is Bollywood in your view? Is it good for the new comers?

Angel: Bollywood has an amazing attraction for everyone. It's full of glamour and glitter. Being a part of it as an actress is very fortunate. But getting that platform to prove your talent you have to be very lucky. For newcomers it's very difficult to get that chance. It's tough competition out there, but if you are financially sound then it becomes easy to find the way out there.


Sunil: You are a thinking performer Angel, please tell us about the changing face of the Indian films with the success of some recently made female-oriented films in Bollywood?

Angel: Yeah, it's a great feel when I see movies like ‘Devdas’, ‘Jodha-Akbar’, ‘Ram-Leela’, and ‘Padmavat’, the lead actresses  played major roles in these films. And it was great to watch these movies with great stories, music and direction. Because of the lead actress’ performances and stories these films created great fan followings the world over.


Sunil: Do you feel the Indian content is that much powerful to compete with the International cinema globally?

Angel: No. I think Indian stories and content are totally different from what we have in the Hollywood. The Hollywood stories and contents are totally different from Bollywood. In Bollywood the hero, heroine and music is the main attraction for movies to watch, whereas in Hollywood it's totally based on some good and the mind blowing stories like ‘Titanic’, ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Superman’ etc. In Hollywood there are variety of stories and content…far ahead of what we have in Bollywood. But I think Bollywood is very unique in music…producing songs for Hindi movies that makes movies super hit worldwide. It's amazing...

Sunil: I believe, you are a spiritual person Angel, how you are going to incorporate your spirituality into your films?

Angel: I am a god fearing person. I do pooja of Lord Shiva with the prayers every morning. And on Mondays, even while I am in a shooting or travelling, I manage to find a Lord Shiva Temple nearby and do my prayers. My spirituality will certainly reflect in the characters being played by me on the screen.

Sunil: What is the response of your family to your success? Is your family going to carry forward the film legacy from you?

Angel: It's amazing response. I felt so happy and honored. My parents feel so proud of me. I feel it's their support and love to me. Especially my mom…she encourages me always in life to achieve my goals. I feel God had specially sent them for me.


Sunil: Ok. That’s good. Angel…what is the current situation of the Regional Cinema in India these days?

Angel: It's too good.  Regional cinema with good stories and director collects huge revenue and they make box office super hits. They have mind blowing stories and great subjects. And they are strictly professional to their work. Their working style is very unique.

Sunil: What is your advice to the makers of the Bollywood Cinema to take it higher to the International levels?

Angel: I think Hollywood movie makers have great cine technologies with them. I hope soon the Bollywood movie makers too will get those ‘hi-fi’ technologies in India. Hollywood stories are different. I hope soon their kind of movies will be produced in India as well by the Bollywood movie makers.

Sunil: Well…very interesting conversation with you Angel. Bollywood Flyover wishes you good luck for your upcoming film and fashion related projects. Keep updating us on your future success. All the very best Angel.


Angel: Thank you Mr. Sunil. And thank you very much World for making me converse with you through this column. God bless you all.


So Guys, here was Miss Angel Tetarbe for you. I am simply impressed by the honesty and works of Angel Tetarbe. She is successfully leading her own path throughout the World by her wonderful works.


The ‘Bollywood Flyover’ wishes Angel Tetarbe, a great success in her upcoming films and fashion ventures.

Guys, I shall be back next time with another step over on Bollywood Flyover. Cheers!!!


Film Producer/Director,






Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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