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A Ghost Story
Wednesday, 08.09.2017, 03:12 PM

A Ghost Story is a time-tripping Mobius-strip of a film. It is eerie and disturbing.

It also leaves the audience wondering if they should mourn with or for the lead character, played by Academy Award Winner® Casey Affleck. Affleck. “C”, with his wife, Rooney Mara, “M”, must each deal individually with their own profound loss. Before the death and transmutation of “C”, the couple were facing the possible implosion of their marriage – one wanted to stay in the home in which they currently resided, the other desperate to leave.

Would the love that was not strong enough to keep them together when they were both alive be resilient enough to bind them after death? Because when it comes down to brass tacks, love is what A Ghost Story is really about. In this film, however, love is not seen as freeing, but as constrictive. It has made the characters “stuck”. That constrictive feeling is enhanced by the way this film is shot, in 4x3, like a Polaroid, and how it looks on the movie screen. As if all the characters are contained within a box.

“M” mourns deeply and swiftly. In one scene, she purposefully overindulges on what appears to be an apple pie. I hope for her sake that they got the shot in one take. Yet it feels as if the loss of “C” also, eventually, sets her free. When she leaves their home for good, she does so without a backward glance.

Little does M realize that C has been by her side since the day she returned, alone, from the hospital. C has been watching and mourning, unable make his presence known to M. However he can communicate with other neighborhood spirits he spies through the paned-glass window.

That spirit, and others, are waiting for someone to return. For them, the wait time is unknown. They may eventually forget for whom they're waiting. For the viewer, the passage of decades, both forwards and backwards, progresses quickly from scene to scene. While cities are built and crumble to dust around their home, C waits for his beloved.

He passes the time digging for a secret M embedded in the wall of the home. A mystery that M alluded to while C was still alive. And when the wall itself has crumbled to dust, Ghost stands silently through several hundred centuries, stoic in his white sheet with mournful eyeholes, and waits; but for what, or whom, is not revealed to the viewer till the final clip.

This Ghost promises to haunt you, well after you leave the theater.

Lisa Blanck is the Associate Editor for In Focus Magazine.  She spent nine years in advertising, marketing, promotions and live special events at Nickelodeon and MTV networks. She also worked as an on-air host for local cable access programs. Lisa has covered the Florida Film Festival for the past twenty-one years as well as the World Peace Festival. She's a featured columnist for ShelterMe.TV, was featured on for more than six years, and has been a columnist for the Focus In Newspaper and now for In Focus Magazine. 

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