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Bollywood Flyover
BOLLYWOOD FLYOVER By Sunil Babbar Filmmaker from India
| Tuesday, 03.05.2019, 01:37 AM |   (157983 views)


 By Sunil Barrar,  Fimaker from India


Hello World. In this issue of the 'Bollywood Flyover' I am hereby presenting a detailed information on the upcoming International Web Series which is named as "INDIAN...a web series by sunil babbar":



Name of International Web Series: ‘INDIAN’...a web series by sunil babbar

Genre: Indian Cultural Travelogue

Number of Episodes: 104

Approx. Duration of Each Episode: 20 Mins.

Primary Language: English

Web Series Anchor: Sunil Babbar

Shooting Starts From:  April’2019 onwards

Probable Release of the First Part of Web Series: September'2019

Web Series Promo Available on the web link:

Official FB page of the Web Series:

Produced, Written and Directed By: Sunil Babbar

Production Company Banner: ‘POMY FILMS’, India

Probable Distribution/Release of the Web Series: Worldover in English version.  

What is the Web Series “INDIAN”

© Sunil Babbar

“INDIAN” is a 104 Episodes International Web Series in English language, which will present the Indian Lifestyle, Indian Art, Indian Culture, Indian Music, Indian Dance, Indian Stories, Indian Heritage, Indian History, Indian Architecture, Indian Cinema, Indian Fashion, Indian Fine Arts, Indian Food, Indian Rituals, Indian Festivals, Indian Beliefs & Philosophy, Indian Industry and the World famous Bollywood from the point of view of the International community. Each episode of 20 minutes will cover the different colors and different regions of India.


We will be covering the following Indian and International Cities in this Web Series:


The Indian Cities:                                                    


1.      Varanasi                                                         

2.      Allahabad                                                       

3.      Mathura                                                          

4.      Lucknow                                                        

5.      Agra                                                               

6.      Haridwar                                                        

7.      Rishikesh                                                        

8.      Devprayag/Srinagar                                       

9.      Pauri/Tihri Garhwal                                        

10.  Delhi                                                              

11.  Kurukshetra/Karnal                                        

12.  Chandigarh                                                    

13.  Shimla                                                                           

14.  Amritsar                                                         

15.  Jammu & Kashmir                                         

16.  Bikaner                                                           

17.  Jaipur                                                              

18.  Jodhpur                                                          

19.  Jaiselmer                                                         

20.  Patna                                                              

21.  Bhubneswar                                                   

22.  Kolkata                                                          

23.  Assam                                                                            

24.  Mumbai                                                          

25.  Hyderabad                                                     

26.  Bangalore                                                                   

27.  Chennai                                                          

28.  Rameswaram                                                           

The International Cities:


1.      London (U.K)                                                

2.      Berlin (Germany)                                           

3.      Paris (France)                                                          

4.      New York & Chicago (USA)                                    

5.      Trinidad and Tobago                                       

6.      Guyana                                                           

7.      Toronto/Vancouver (Canada)                   

8.      Saudi Arabia                                                  

9.      UAE                                                               

10.  Myanmar (Burma)                                          

11.  Kualalampur (Malaysia)                                 

12.  Shanghai (China)                                           

13.  Moscow (Russia)                                           

14.  Sydney (Australia)                                         

15.  Perth (Australia)                                             

16.  FIJI Island                                                     

17.  Wellington (New Zealand)                            

18.  Port Louis (Mauritius)                                      

19.  Nairobi (Kenya)                                             

20.  Bangkok (Thailand)                                       

21.  Kathmandu & Lumbini (Nepal)                     

22.  Cape Town (South Africa)                            

23.   Indonesia                                           

This is the first time an ‘India based Web Series’ is being created in India and the World over with the focus on Indians.



Promoter of POMY FILMS Sunil Babbar has produced and directed the Indian English feature film “ANTS”. This film has been highly appreciated by the media and the critics Worldwide. Sunil Babbar has a proven record to present the Indian art and culture through developing and releasing successful Indian English feature film like “ANTS” in the world territories. He has been conferred with the prestigious International award for “Producer of the Year Award” in Montana, USA.ANTS”, a winner of the “Best Foreign Film Award” in the USA, has been highly appreciated by the media and the critics in the USA as well as India. The film has been given 5-Star ratings in the USA. “ANTS” is being distributed worldwide by a major Hollywood distribution company namely Echelon Studios. “ANTS” is the first ever Indian film to be chosen as the MOVIE OF THE WEEK in the USA from 11th Jan to 18th Jan’2008 on America

‘ANTS’ has been rated as one out of the 17 Excellent Bollywood films ever by ‘’. Here is the web link:


Upcoming Intrernational Films: Sunil Babbar is currently producing/directing two Hollywood/Bollywood International Feature Films “MELODY” and “RED ZONE”. The two films are supported by major studios of Hollywood.

Producer/Director: Since 1999

International Awards won by Sunil Babbar:


2.”BEST FOREIGN FILM AWARD” for Indian English feature film “ANTS” in USA.

Sunil Babbar’s Web Links:

Web link of announcement of International Film “RED ZONE” in USA, on “TV ASIA”:

Web links of announcement of film “RED ZONE” in a gathering of one lac people in India:

Web links related to announcement of the Worldwide Buddhist Monks Community to Sunil Babbar’s film “RED ZONE” in Bodhgaya (India):

Web links about the production of Sunil Babbar’s upcoming Film “MELODY”:!1/teaser-251114/


Friends, I will keep you updated on the development of this International Web Series on India in the next issues of Bollywood Flyover. Till then...Cheers!!!

Sunil Babbar

Web Series Producer/Director.

Mumbai, India

E-mail: [email protected]

Sunil Babbar-Munbai, India

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