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Ellen Jacoby
ASK ELLEN By Ellen Jacoby C.S.A
| Monday, 05.06.2019, 08:55 PM |   (8613 views)


By Ellen Jacoby C.S.A


By Ellen Jacoby C.S.A

Recently I found out about a project shooting in another State. I was able to find the character breakdown and there was a role I felt I was perfect for. I was able to get the sides and the casting Directors e mail address. I also have excellent video and editing equipment so I could record my own audition in a professional setting. Question; how do you feel about actors being aggressive and e mailing a Casting Director direct with an audition piece for a current project? I have taken many workshops from various CD's and some teach the "it's an actor’s job to kick down the door" philosophy. What say you?


Hello Emmett -

In this age of technology, emailing links to auditions/demo reels has become almost as commonplace as mailing a headshot and resume.  I do like and encourage talent, under the proper circumstances, to do so.  There are many factors to consider.  I will try to address some of those now.  

The quality must be excellent.  Not everyone has the type of equipment that you do, thererfore, it is a strong consideration on whether you should do it yourself or have it professionally done.  There are companies out there that do uploads in studios complete with link, but there are fees involved.  Obviously, if you go this route, there is financial consideration.  If you can do it yourself, please make sure that the lighting is good and your have a proper background.  

Please know that it takes casting directors longer to view a video and resume than a headshot and resume.  If the video is poor quality, or your read is unprepared, we will not view in it's entirety. . .and probably not view your next one.  Please do not have the person reading opposite you stand close to the camera and be much louder in volume than you. . .this is a common mistake.  

Also, please have an audition reader; I do not want to view any more tapes of talent reading their role, pausing for what should have been the dialogue of the other character, then continue reading their role alone.  Unless it is a monologue; have a reader!  The video link should be posted to a private site.  Most studios do not want their materials (auditions) posted to a public site for public viewing.  

\Again, there are several sites out there just for this purpose.  Another advantage to this, is that they are in many cities.  So if an audition should come up and you are out of town, you can upload from wherever you are. . .assuming you are available for the shoot dates!   There are also sites out there for those who may not be quite as savvy as you, Emmett, where talent can find out about those roles and get the sides.  Make sure that you read all of the requirements for submitting an upload; ie:  it may be strictly a local hire role.  If, after reading all of the specs, yo do believe that this role has your name on it, go ahead and send the video/upload. 

 Often, actors believe that they can do any role, so I would advise going for a role where you can show your strengths and get positive feedback.  If there is positive feedback, you will get in that door again.  Please remember, though, that if there is negative feedback, there may be some reluctance to open the door a second time. 

Please continue sending your questions, as I know there are many.  I will try to address as many as possible.

Ellen Jacoby is a Casting Directing in Miami

She can be reached at [email protected]






E llen Jacoby is a Casting Director in Miami with a long list of credits for both films and television shows she has cast in Miami. She has been responsible for launching many careers. She can be reached at [email protected]




Ellen Jacoby

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