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Autism Awareness
| Monday, 02.04.2008, 01:17 AM |   (44853 views)

Autism Awareness
Infocus supports the Autism Foundation
Kirsten sung by Patrick Donovan

According to an article in Time magazine one in 150 kids age 10 and younger may be affected by autism or a related disorder—a total of nearly 300,000 children in the U.S. alone. . . . The problem is five times as common as Down syndrome. More than Type 1 Diabetes, childhood cancer and cystic fibrosis combined .Making it the fastest growing developmental disability in the United states.

Imagine a song stuck in your head...and it never goes away.
Imagine people's voices sounding so loud they're like fire engines.
Imagine your soft cotton T-shirt feeling like a burlap bag.
Imagine not being able to feel food in your mouth, or a full bladder.
Imagine someone's simple touch feeling like fire.
Imagine having feeling in your hair and the pain of having it cut.

Here is a small list of celebrities with family members who have Autism.

Richard Burton (deceased actor)  his daughter by his first wife.

William Christopher (Father Mulcahy on the TV show M*A*S*H)  his son, Ned.

Will Clark (Baseball player)  his son.

Myron Cope (Pittsburgh sportscaster)  his son.

Tom Henke (Toronto baseball pitcher) his son.

Carl Erskine (former baseball player).

Audrey Flack (sculptor, photographer), mother of an adult with autism.

Doug Flutie (football player) his son, Doug Jr.

Stephen J. Gould (scientist/writer)  his son, Jesse.

Merton Hanks (football player) his daughter, Milan.

Scott Mellanby (hockey player) his son.

Joe Mantegna (actor), father of daughter with autism.

Dan Marino (football player) his son.

Wynton and Brandford Marsalis (jazz/classical musicians) their brother.

Mark McEwen (TV weatherman on CBS Morning News), his brother, Sean. Barbara Roberts (former Governor of Oregon), mother of adult with autism. Tracy Rowlett (Dallas anchorperson)  his son.

Jonathan Shestak (movie producer)  his son, Dov.

Beverly Sills (opera singer) her son, Bucky.

Phoebe Snow (singer), mother of daughter with autism.

Sylvester Stallone (movie actor) his son, Seargeoh.

BJ Surhoff (Baltimore baseball player, 1996) his son, Mason.

David Tomlinson (the actor who starred in Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the Love Bug etc) had an autistic son, whose diagnosis and education is mentioned in some detail in Mr Tomlinson's autobiography Luckier than Most

Patrick Donovan (singer /songwriter) his daughter Kirsten

Ed Donovan (Actor/writer) his granddaughter Kirsten

Patrick Donovan

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